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I am Freelance Nature Photographer and have many years of experience. My motto is to give people som of my experience in the nature, create knowledge and understanding of environment and create interest to take care of nature resources.

Much time and hard work is laid behind this, and for the time being my piture stock contains about
50 000 coloure slides.

I sell pictures for many purposes. Calendars, leaflets, travel catalogues, weekly magazines, periodical journals, books etc. are head-words in this matter.

I deliver pictures, small or bigg size for decoration.

I also produce postcards. I recommend you to take a look at my postcard site.

Production of audiovsual slide shows included sound effects and musuk is one of my specialities. These slide showes are presented on a big screen using 3 or more projectors linked together automaticly runed and synchronized with the sound effects and musik.


In summer 1996 I had an exciting successful photo trip to Bjørnøya and Svalbard. I sold some pictures up there, and this caused an interesting photo-job at Svalbard in summer 1997. So after two summer sesons in the Arctic, I have got a various and extensive picture material from the island group in the north, more than enough to make a book .....

In 1999 I got the opportunity to be the main Photographer for the book
by Oddgeir Bruaset. 

I am member of BioFoto
Norwegian accociation of nature photographers.
The accociation is open for evrione hwo lowes nature photography
-either you are amateur or professionel.