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RUNDE          - a paradise for nature lowers


   In this booklet you will find information about Runde. The island, with just 150 inhabitants today, lies in the Herøy district of Sunnmøre.

Runde has a unique variety of  species. Almost all our seabirds that breed in colonies are represented, the most numerous being the tourists’ favourite: the puffin. It nests in screes and holes in the ground, making it difficult to count. But there are something like 100 000 pairs! The kittiwake forms the other really big colony with its 50 000 pairs. Its shrieking swarms really make themselves noticed. The beautiful gannet, shining white with a bright yellow stripe across its head, is the largest of all the feathered inhabitants. The colony at Rundebranden is the biggest and oldest in Norway, and one of just 40 gannet colonies in the world.

The booklet also provides an insight into the island’s history and the various attractions it has to offer.



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